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Wideband Quasi-Yagi Antenna with Broad-Beam Dual-Polarized Radiation for Indoor Access Points


Son Xuat Ta, Cong Danh Bui, and Truong Khang Nguyen*

Source title: 
Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, 3(5): 654-660, 2019 (ISI)
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This paper presents a wideband, broad beamwidth, dual-polarized antenna for the indoor access points. Its primary radiating elements are two quasi-Yagi antennas, which are arranged orthogonally. The antenna element employs two balanced directors to broaden bandwidth and avoid the structural conflict of the orthogonal installation. A microstrip-slotline transformer is used in the feeding structure for allowing the wideband operation and high port-to-port isolation. The dualpolarized quasi-Yagi antenna is incorporated with a metallic cavity in order to improve the unidirectional radiation in terms of gain, front-to-back ratio, and beamwidth. The final prototype has been fabricated and tested. The antenna yielded a wide impedance bandwidth covering a frequency range from 1.64 to 3.0 GHz (60%) for both ports with port-to-port isolation of a higher than 25 dB. In addition, at both ports, the antenna achieves stable unidirectional radiation with broad beamwidth, high front-to-back ratio, and high radiation efficiency.