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An Effective Congestion Control Scheme for MANET with Relative Traffic Link Matrix Routing


Devarajan Krishnamoorthy, Padmathilagam Vaiyapuri, Ayyasamy Ayyanar, Y. Harold Robinson, Raghvendra Kumar, Hoang Viet Long*, Le Hoang Son

Source title: 
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 45: 6171-6181, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), obstacle happens owing to the loss of packet, which could be effectively minimized by linking congestion control schemes (comprising of routing methods) and control inflow at the network layer. Here, we propose a link matrix technique for MANETs that minimizes congestion links based on the range before the distortion level of each selected transmission node to get better system ability. The effectiveness of the chosen traffic matrix technique is analyzed by comparing its performance with Capacity Optimized COoperative communication (COCO). Experiments suggest that the traffic matrix technique significantly improves the accuracy to derive traffic patterns in MANETs. The simulation results proved that the proposed method is performed well compared to the COCO method in terms of throughput (41%), delay (28%), energy (60%), overhead (48%) and packet delivery ratio (5%).