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Design and FEM analysis of pentagonal photonic crystal fiber for highly non-linear applications


Raisa Mamtaz, Kawsar Ahmed, Bikash Kumar Paul, Md. Aslam Mollah, Mst. Nargis Aktar, Muhammad Shahin Uddin, Vigneswaran Dhasarathan

Source title: 
Optical and Quantum Electronics, 52: 455, 2020 (ISI)
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A Pentagonal Photonic Crystal Fiber (P-PCF) injected with As2S5 in elliptic core has been propounded by FEM technique. The simulation is carried out by perfectly matched layer using COMSOL Multiphysics software. Several features of the PCF have been analyzed as such nonlinearity, confinement loss, birefringence, effective mode area, power fraction, numerical aperture and dispersion by synthesizing the shape of the cladding holes and the elliptic core. The P-PCF renders a higher nonlinear coefficient of 8000 W−1km−1, numerical aperture of 0.44, power fraction of 84% and lower confinement loss of 10−710−7 at 1.00 μm wavelength. Furthermore, higher birefringence and near zero dispersion are also gained. A perfect geometric fabrication and exclusive properties of chalcogenide glass is used as a core makes the PCF so dynamic in polarization controlling schemes, super continuum systems as well as nonlinear fields.