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Experimental study on axial compressive behavior of welded built-up CFT stub columns made by cold-formed sections with different welding lines


Morteza Naghipour, Ghazaleh Yousofizinsaz, Mahdi Shariati*

Source title: 
Steel and Composite Structures, 34(3): 347-359, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

The objective of this study is to experimentally scrutinize the axial performance of built-up concrete filled steel tube (CFT) columns composed of steel plates. In this case, the main parameters cross section types, compressive strength of filled concrete, and the effect of welding lines. Welded built-up steel box columns are fabricated by connecting two pieces of cold-formed U-shaped or four pieces of L-shaped thin steel plates with continuous penetration groove welding line located at mid-depth of stub column section. Furthermore, traditional square steel box sections with no welding lines are investigated for the comparison of axial behavior between the generic and build-up cross sections. Accordingly, 20 stub columns with thickness and height of 2 and 300 mm have been manufactured. As a result, welding lines in built-up specimens act as stiffeners because have higher strength and thickness in comparison to the plates. Subsequently, by increasing the welding lines, the load bearing capacity of stub columns has been increased in comparison to the traditional series. Furthermore, for specimens with the same confinement steel tubes and concrete core, increment of B/t ratio has reduced the ductility and axial strength.