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Generation of entangled states by a nonlinear coupler pumped in one mode induced by broadband laser


Khoa Doan Quoc, Oanh Luong Thi Tu, Lanh Chu Van, Dung Nguyen Thi, Hoa Nguyen Van

Source title: 
Optical And Quantum Electronics, 52(1): 13, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

Kerr nonlinear coupler consists of two nonlinear oscillations in which one of them linearly excited by an external classical field. This is assumed to be decomposed into two parts: a coherent part and a randomly fluctuating chaotic component that is a δ-correlated, Gaussian, Markov, stationary process (white noise). We solve a set of coupled stochastic integro-differential equations involved in the problem with all initial conditions and obtain analytical formulae for the complex probability amplitudes of finite n-photon Fock states. Especially, our study shows that the system is also able to generate maximally entangled states and, as a consequence, the coupler discussed behaves as a two-qubit system and the results compared with those derived previously in the literature.