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Highly nonlinear Silicon Nanocrystal doped photonic crystal fibers with low confinement loss


Md Nadim Hossain, Fahad Ahmed, Md Shohag Khan, Kawsar Ahmed, Mohit Sharma, Vigneswaran Dhasarathan*

Source title: 
Physica B: Condensed Matter, 577: 411802, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In this article, more compact hexagonal cladding with Silicon Nanocrystal filled octagonal core-based photonic crystal fiber (HO-PCF) has been raised for high nonlinearity. HO-PCF is used to determine some vital final optical parameters by comparing the different shape of the core with different materials. Nonlinearity, numerical aperture, power fraction, confinement loss, scattering loss, effective mode area for two orthogonal polarized modes have been properly evaluated by using Finite Element Method (FEM) from 0.5 μm to 2 μm range has been investigated for this HO-PCF. This proposed HO-PCF model shows the output of peak nonlinearity of 321004 W−1Km−1 for x-polarization mode and 300881 W−1Km−1 for y-polarization mode, power fraction of 99.90%, confinement loss of 1 × 10−8 dB/m, effective mode area of 2.58 × 10−13 m2 at wavelength 0.5 μm. Numerical aperture and scattering loss are found 0.87 and 5.00 × 10−8 dB/km at wavelength 2 μm, respectively. The superior outcomes are evident that the proposed model will be played a significant role in supercontinuum generation, sensing and biomedical imaging applications.