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Multi-layered Graphene Silica-Based Tunable Absorber for Infrared Wavelength Based on Circuit Theory Approach


Shobhit K. Patel, Vishal Sorathiya, Sunil Lavadiya, Leena Thomas, Truong Khang Nguyen, Vigneswaran Dhasarathan

Source title: 
Plasmonics, 15: 1767-1779, 2020 (ISI)
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Graphene can be utilized as a tunable material for a wide range of infrared wavelength regions due to its tunable conductivity property. In this paper, we use Y-shaped silver material resonator placed over the top of multiple graphene silica-layered structures to realize the perfect absorption over the infrared wavelength region. We propose four different designs by placing the graphene sheet over silica. The absorption and reflectance performance of the structures have been explored for 1500- to 1600-nm wavelength range. The proposed design also explores the absorption tunability of the structure for the different values of graphene chemical potential. We have reported the negative impedance for the perfect absorption for proposed metamaterial absorber structures. All the metamaterial absorbers have reported 99% of its absorption peaks in the infrared wavelength region. These designs can be used as a tunable absorber for narrowband and wideband applications. The proposed designs will become the basic building block of large photonics design which will be applicable for polariser, sensor, and solar applications.