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On the Performance of Full-Duplex Spatial Modulation MIMO System With and Without Transmit Antenna Selection Under Imperfect Hardware Conditions


Ba Cao Nguyen, Xuan Nam Tran, Le Van Nguyen, Le The Dung

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IEEE Access, 8: 185218-185231, 2020 (ISI)
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Hardware impairments (HI) due to imperfect manufactured electronic parts degrade the performance of wireless systems. In this paper, we consider a bidirectional full-duplex (FD) spatial modulation (SM) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system with non-ideal hardware and residual self-interference (RSI). We propose to use the transmission antenna selection (TAS) as a solution to mitigate this degradation. The performance of the considered system is analyzed using mathematical analysis. Specifically, we first derive the exact closed-form expressions of the outage probability (OP), symbol error probability (SEP), and achievable data rate (ADR) for two cases: with and without TAS. Given these expressions, we conduct a detailed evaluation of the system performance under various scenarios to gain insight into its behavior. Essential conclusions are then made on HI and RSI's impacts, especially for the case with TAS and high transmission rates.