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On transient hygrothermal vibration of embedded viscoelastic flexoelectric/piezoelectric nanobeams under magnetic loading


Shariati, Ali; Ebrahimi, Farzad; Karimiasl, Mahsa; Vinyas, M.; Toghroli, Ali

Source title: 
Advances in nano research, 8(1): 49-58, 2020 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

This paper investigates the vibration characteristics of flexoelectric nanobeams resting on viscoelastic foundation and subjected to magneto-electro-viscoelastic-hygro-thermal (MEVHT) loading. In this regard, the Nonlocal strain gradient elasticity theory (NSGET) is employed. The proposed formulation accommodates the nonlocal stress and strain gradient parameter along with the flexoelectric coefficient to accurately predict the frequencies. Further, with the aid of Hamilton's principle the governing differential equations are derived which are then solved through Galerkin-based approach. The variation of the natural frequency of MEVHT nanobeams under the influence of various parameters such as the nonlocal strain gradient parameter, different field loads, power-law exponent and slenderness ratio are also investigated.