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A roadmap towards the development of superior photocatalysts for solar-driven CO2-to-fuels production


Wanxi Peng, Thi Hong Chuong Nguyen, Dang Le Tri Nguyen, Ting Wang, Thi Van Thi Tran, Trung Hieu Le, Hai Khoa Le, Andrews Nirmala Grace, Pardeep Singh, Pankaj Raizadaa, Minh Tuan Nguyen Dinh, Chinh Chien Nguyen, Soo Young Kim, Quyet VanLe

Source title: 
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 148: 111298, 2021 (ISI)
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Solar-driven CO2-to-fuels production through photocatalysis is a promising approach to address the worsening energy crisis and environmental concerns associated with CO2 emissions. A significant effort has been devoted to developing robust photocatalytic materials to convert CO2 into fuels. However, the performances of obtained materials are still far from the desirable targets rooted in the restriction of the employed catalysts such as inefficient light-harvesting, poor charge separation, and limited active sites. This review aims to provide a roadmap to support the development of superior photocatalysts for CO2-to-fuels conversion by presenting the fundamentals of photocatalytic CO2 reduction and the critical challenges restricting catalytic efficiency, followed by a discussion of leading research and developments in this field. We will explore state-of-the-art CO2-to-fuels production processes and the mechanisms involved before presenting the latest materials that have been developed to convert CO2 into chemical fuels via photocatalysis. Catalysts that possess features that improve light absorption, charge separation, and CO2 reduction, will be highlighted. Finally, a summary of, and perspective on, the obstacles and opportunities associated with this technology will be provided. We expect that this review will assist the production of superior catalysts for solar-driven CO2-to-fuels conversion.