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A Systematic Review on Harmony Search Algorithm: Theory, Literature, and Applications


Mahima Dubey, Vijay Kumar, Manjit Kaur, Thanh-Phong Dao

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Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2021: 5594267, 2021 (ISI)
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Harmony search algorithm is the recently developed metaheuristic in the last decade. It mimics the behavior of a musician producing a perfect harmony. It has been used to solve the wide variety of real-life optimization problems due to its easy implementation over other metaheuristics. It has an ability to provide the balance between exploration and exploitation during search. In this paper, a systematic review on harmony search algorithm (HSA) is presented. The natural inspiration and conceptual framework of HSA are discussed. The control parameters of HSA are described with their mathematical foundation. The improvement and hybridization in HSA with other metaheuristics are discussed in detail. The applicability of HSA in different problem domains is studied. The future research directions of HSA are also investigated.