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A Wideband Non-Uniform Metasurface-Based Circularly Polarized Reconfigurable Antenna


Huy Hung Tran, Cong Danh Bui, Nghia Nguyen-Trong, Truong Khang Nguyen*

Source title: 
IEEE Access, 9: 42325-42332, 2021 (ISI)
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This paper presents a low-profile circularly polarized (CP) antenna with wideband and polarization-reconfigurable characteristics. The proposed antenna consists of a truncated-corner patch working as a CP source and a non-uniform metasurface (MS) acting as parasitic elements for performance enhancement. The non-uniform MS is utilized to produce additional operating bands in the higher frequency range, which are then combined with the lower band produced by the driven patch to significantly broaden the overall operating bandwidth. The polarization switching mechanism is based on the ON/OFF states of two p-i-n diodes. The fabricated prototype shows the measured overlapped bandwidth between -10 dB impedance and 3-dB axial ratio is 25.6% and peak broadside gain is 7.3 dBic.