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Effect of Molar Ratios in the Crystallochemical Structure of Biomimetic Nanostructured Hydroxyapatite on the Characteristics of the Product


M. A. Trubitsyn, Hoang Viet Hung, L. V. Furda, Nguyen Thi Tham Hong

Source title: 
Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 66: 654-661, 2021 (ISI)
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The results of the study of effects of molar ratios in the crystallochemical structure of biomimetic hydroxyapatite (BMHAP) on the physicochemical characteristics of the product are presented. With an increase in molar ratio in the range 1.50–1.67, there is an increase in the unit cell parameters a and c, while the average crystallite size increases from 7.52 to 70.30 nm. Particles of all samples in aqueous suspensions (pH 7) are negatively charged. The trend of the zeta potential of the synthesized powders in the range of investigated molar ratios is elucidated. The bioactivity of the samples is evaluated. All BMHAP samples have a higher bioresorbability as compared to unmodified stoichiometric hydroxyapatite, correlating well with the molar ratio in the structure of the products