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Free vibration analysis of nanoplates with auxetic honeycomb core using a new third-order finite element method and nonlocal elasticity theory


Quoc-Hoa Pham, Phu-Cuong Nguyen, Trung Thanh Tran, Trung Nguyen-Thoi

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Engineering with Computers, 2021 (ISI)
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This paper proposes a finite element method (FEM) for the free vibration analysis of sandwich nanoplates with an auxetic honeycomb core. The proposed method uses a third-order shear deformation theory accounting for both shear deformation and stretching effects without any need for shear correction factors. The size-dependent effect is solved using the nonlocal elasticity theory. The auxetic sandwich nanoplate with negative Poisson’s ratio is applied to achieve ultra-light features and high strength. The obtained numerical results by the proposed method are compared with other published works to demonstrate the accuracy and reliability. Moreover, the influence of the nonlocal factor, geometrics parameters, and material properties (especially the auxetic honeycomb parameters) on the free vibration behavior of sandwich nanoplates is also examined in the numerical examples.