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Nonlinear buckling and post-buckling of imperfect FG porous sandwich cylindrical panels subjected to axial loading under various boundary conditions


Do Quang Chan, Pham Van Hoan, Nguyen Thoi Trung, Le Kha Hoa, Duong Thanh Huan

Source title: 
Acta Mechanica, 232: 1163-1179, 2021 (ISI)
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This paper deals with the nonlinear buckling and post-buckling of sandwich cylindrical panels with non-uniform porous core and functionally graded face sheets. The sandwich cylindrical panels are subjected to axial compression load. Two cases of boundary conditions are considered. Based on the Donnell shell theory with von Kármán geometrical nonlinearity in conjunction, the governing equations are derived. To validate the proposed method, comparisons are made with available results and show good agreements. The effects of various panel geometrical characteristics, boundary conditions, porosity parameters, the thickness of the porous core, and material parameters are investigated.