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Solar-driven conversion of carbon dioxide over nanostructured metal-based catalysts in alternative approaches: Fundamental mechanisms and recent progress


Van Chinh Hoang, Thanh-Son Bui, Huong T. D. Nguyen, Thanh T. Hoang, Gul Rahman, Quyet Van Le, Dang Le Tri Nguyen

Source title: 
Environmental Research, 202: 111781, 2021 (ISI)
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Solar-driven carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion has gained tremendous attention as a prominent strategy to simultaneously reduce the atmospheric CO2 concentration and convert solar energy into solar fuels in the form of chemical bonds. Numerous efforts have been devoted to diverse photo-driven processes for CO2 conversion, which utilized a multidisciplinary strategy. Among them, the architecture of nanostructured metal-based catalysts is emerging as an eminent solution for the design of catalysts of this field. In this work, we first provide fundamental mechanisms of photochemical, photoelectrochemical, photothermal, and photobio(electro)chemical CO2 reduction processes to achieve an in-deep understanding of vital aspects. Importantly, the recent progress in the catalyst design for each reaction system is discussed and highlighted. Based on these analyses, an overview of photo-driven CO2 reduction on metal-based catalysts for solar fuel production is also spotlighted. Finally, we analyze challenges and prospects for the strategic direction of developments in the field.