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Spectroscopic and Conductometric Analyses of Ninhydrin and Threonine Reaction in Double-Headed Geminis


Ajaya Bhattarai, Malik Abdul Rub, Zeeshan Haider Jaffari, Bidyut Saha, Hoang Thi Thu, Yousef G. Alghamdi, Dileep Kumar*

Source title: 
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 60(41): 14977-14984, 2021 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In our work, spectroscopic and conductometric analyses of the ninhydrin (Nin) and threonine (Thr) reaction were investigated in the aqueous micellar system. To perform the study in the micellar system, double-headed geminis with different flexible methylene chain length were chosen as surfactants. Rate constants, kψ, were observed by varying different parameters, viz., [Nin], [Thr], pH, and temperature in geminis using UV–vis spectroscopy. The study obeyed unity- and fractional-order dependencies on [Thr] and [Nin]. To check the efficacies of geminis, kinetic runs were performed at several [geminis], that is, below and above the critical micellar concentration (cmc) of these surfactants. Surfactants at a concentration less than the cmc are capable of catalyzing the reaction over aqueous medium and follow the order 16-4-16 > 16-5-16 > 16-6-16. kψ values noted at varying concentrations of gemini surfactants, thus, were scrutinized by the pseudo-phase model of micelles. Experimental outcomes of the current study are used to evaluate various constants and parameters and discussed by proposing a reasonable reaction mechanism.