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Wide-gap ZnO layer as electron-selective front contact for single-junction GaAs solar cells


Duy Phong Pham, Sunhwa Lee, Sehyeon Kim, Sanchari Chowdhury, Muhammad Quddamah Khokhar, Anh HuyTuan Le, Youngkuk Kim, Jinjoo Park, Junsin Yi

Source title: 
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 121: 105344, 2021 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

Herein, a single-junction GaAs solar cell using a wide-gap n-type doped ZnO layer as a front electron-selective contact is proposed. An atomic layer deposition approach was used to deposit a thin ZnO layer on a GaAs substrate, which demonstrated excellent surface passivation properties by significantly reducing the native oxide statuses of the Ga–O and As–O bonds at the GaAs surface. Additionally, n-type doped ZnO layer acted as a front electron-selective contact layer that blocked hole transport and promoted electron collection at the front side. A wide-gap ZnO window layer was shown to enhance cell absorption in the short wavelength range and increase built-in potential, and was proven to be a suitable alternative to the conventional AlGaAs front window layers used in highly efficient single-junction GaAs cells.