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Metal-organic-framework based catalyst for hydrogen production: Progress and perspectives


Ha Huu Do, Thi Hong Chuong Nguyen, Tuan Van Nguyen, Changlei Xia, Dang Le Tri Nguyen, Pankaj Raizada, Pardeep Singh, Van-Huy Nguyen, Sang Hyun Ahn, Soo Young Kim, Quyet Van Le

Source title: 
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2022 (ISI)
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Fossil fuel shortage and global warming have inspired scientists to search for alternative energy sources which are green, renewable, and sustainable. Hydrogen formed from water splitting has been considered as one of the most promising candidates to replace traditional fuels due to its low production cost and zero-emission. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have been considered as potential catalysts for hydrogen production from water splitting account for their flexible structure, ultra-large surface area, and chemical component diversification. This paper reviews different kinds of MOF-related electrocatalysts, involving metals, metal oxides, single atoms, metal phosphides, metal nitrides, and metal dichalcogenides for hydrogen production. Also, MOF-based photocatalysts consisting of pristine MOFs, MOFs as supporters, and MOF-derived heterojunction architectures are reviewed. The finding of MOF-based catalysts for hydrogen generation is summarized. The pros and cons of different MOF-based materials as catalysts for water splitting are discussed. Finally, current challenges and the potential developments of these unique materials as catalysts are also provided.