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Optimal Design and Analysis for a New 1-DOF Compliant Stage Based on Additive Manufacturing Method for Testing Medical Specimens


Minh Phung Dang, Hieu Giang Le, Nguyen Thanh Duy Tran, Ngoc Le Chau, Thanh-Phong Dao

Source title: 
Symmetry, 14(6): 1234, 2022 (ISI)
Academic year of acceptance: 

In situ nanoindentation is extensively employed for online observing deformation and mechanical behaviors of bio-materials. However, the existing designs of the positioning stages have limited performances for testing soft or hard biomaterials. Consequently, this paper proposes a new structural design of a compliant one degree of freedom (01-DOF) stage with faster response. In addition to a new design, this article applies an analytical method to estimate the kinematic and dynamic behaviors of the stage. Firstly, the 01-DOF stage is designed with two modules, including a displacement amplifier with six levers and a symmetric parallelogram mechanism. Secondly, a kinetostatic diagram of the stage is built by pseudo-rigid-body method. Then, the dynamic equation of the proposed stage is formulated using the Lagrange method. In order to speed up the response of the indentation system, the structural optimization of the stage is conducted via the Firefly algorithm. The results showed that the theoretical first-order resonant frequency is found at about 226.8458 Hz. The theoretical consequences are nearby to the verified simulation. Besides, this achieved frequency of the presented stage is greater than that of previous stages. In an upcoming study, the prototype will be fabricated by additive manufacturing method or a computerized wire cutting method in order to verify the analytical results with experimental results.